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With Homes Selling In Under A Week is 5% Commissions Still Fair?


Jimmy don't think so ! With evolution of internet , Social media technology Realtors have better , cost effective options to market a property. . Real Estate fees have finally evolved! We’re saving our clients thousands of dollars, without compromising our outstanding services. Jimmy assure you that you always sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time

With the success of®, buyers now have unfettered/ unrestricted online access to all properties on MLS®. Homes priced right and given proper MLS , internet and social media exposure is accessible to all buyers with the same opportunity to sell, regardless of commission.

Jimmy's unique discount Real Estate commission model has been proven and perfected for over a decade. His extensive marketing plan utilizes the same effective tools used by other Realtors including:

  • FULL MLS exposure and cooperation
  • FULL Buyer's Realtor's commission options
  • 10+ YRS of award winning Real Estate experience
  • NO extra admin and/or upfront fees
  • FULL Realtor services, NOT just a mere posting on MLS
  • Your home marketed on®, Kjiji, Remax, Royallepage, Sutton etc
  • HD Multi-picture tour, open houses, signs, lock boxes etc
  • Print Media , Radio Advertising


List With Confidence, We Guarantee Results:


"If you are not thrilled with our service and market activity generated let us know and give us time to correct the situation. If were unable to rectify and generate results we will offer to cancel your listing at no extra cost to you."




Truth / Facts About Commissions for Home Sellers:


There is no fixed commission rate or set rate and it is not legal to fix the rate, but it appears that the total commission rates charged are typically in the range of 2.5% to 3.5% and up to about 5% or higher –depending on house values and these are the most common amount. Typically this total commission is divided between the listing and selling ( buyers) agent but you must take into account the fact that the selling( buyer’s) agent typically receives 2 to 2.5% and the balance is paid to the listing brokerage.
Are Commissions Negotiable?

You will see some Agents advertise “maximum 2.5%” or “all this for “1% commission” or discount brokers claiming to list for $999 . I’ve even seen some agents advertising “0% commission. Can you really believe these claims? Often these claims are only “a half truth” as they are only referring to one half of the commission, specifically, the listing side of the commission.

There is also the selling side of the commission for you to pay in a real estate transaction. The reality is this. Listing Commission is lowered only when you agree to buy your next home through the same agent or broker or you must buy one of their own listings (less choice for you) or the listing broker must list and also sell your home to a buyer themselves (not too frequent) .

You must read the fine print of the advertisement very carefully and consider the services you will receive in lieu of a lower commission rate. These ads can be somewhat confusing at times, so please do your due diligence before signing any listing agreement.


Ready To Save Your Money?

Buying and selling a home is typically considered two separate transactions, with two separate commissions. We can eliminate one side of the fee to put money in your pocket .

This program offers major advantages specifically for those clients looking to buy and sell their property simultaneously.

If a client represented by Jimmy sells their current home and buys another one, at the same time, they will enter into a Buyer Representation Agreement with Jimmy Singh, at World Class Realty Roint Brokerage. Jimmy will waive their portion of the selling commission, while still offering 2.5% cooperating commission to their fellow Realtors®.

For example, with an average home price of $1,000,000 and a typical listing agent's commission of 2.5%, you would end up paying over $25,000 of your hard earned money. With our program, this money stays in your pocket.*

The savings can be used to remodel your home, save for kids education, dream vacation, buy new appliances..choice is yours !

Call Jimmy & see how much you could save. We also have FULL buyer's Realtor commission split options available that will still save you thousands.

Let's get started!


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Jimmy's Commission savings Program- General Terms and Conditions


  1. This offer is available to any client who is generated by Jimmy online marketing or any qualified new clients who are both selling and buying single family dwellings located within the municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area.
  2. Under the program, the client can benefit from a refund of the listing brokerage portion of the selling commission.
  3. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
  4.  A 2.5% commission payable to the co-operating brokerage (representing the purchaser on the sale of the client's home) would still apply.
  5. In the event that the client is selling their home prior to purchasing their new home, Jimmy Singh, Realtor at World Class Realty Point Brokerage will withhold an amount equal to 1 % of the sale price. This amount will be refunded to the client upon  Jimmy receiving a commission on the subsequent purchase by the client of a new home.
  6. In the event that the client buys their new home through  Jimmy Singh, Realtor at World Class Realty Point , Brokerage pursuant to a buyer representation agreement Jimmy  will waive the applicable listing portion of the seller's commission at the time of executing the listing agreement.
  7. Jimmy Singh, Realtor at World Class Realty Point, Brokerage must receive a minimum combined commission on both transactions of 2.5 % on the value of the sale transaction.
  8. Both transactions (the sale of the client's current home and purchase of a new home) must take place within a 6-month period to qualify for this offer.
  9. The terms contained herein shall be subject to the terms of the listing agreement and buyer representation agreement entered into by the client with Jimmy Singh, Realtor at World Class Realty Point, Brokerage.
  10. This message is not intended to solicit clients currently listed or under buyer's agency agreements.


 All stats are based on comparing Jimmy's  sales with Treb & MLS Stats in 2006-2016.

Statements of money saved are from comparisons between 3.5 % and a non-standard commission of 5%.